Monday, March 9, 2009

Samsung NV15 digital camera

A review from a complete beginner.

Last time I bought a camera, it was 2004 and it was an Olympus 2mp C series something. I wasn't very impressed with it and it ate batteries so I sold it. I didn't have to wait long as the of cameras on mobile phones where getting better and faster (While the phone is already powered up). I loved the Sony Ericsson K750i and the K800i but then I switched to Nokia. Nokia N95 I found had the best mobile phone camera with the Carl Zeis lens.

I now own a Samsung Omnia which has plenty of modes but I struggle to get a half decent image so I found it was time to get a new camera. As it is nice to have a real camera for that special photo or even just to get in a little closer and catch more detail. My father being a professional photographer suggested the Samsung NV15 as it would be within budget, comes in PINK and will do what it says on the tin.

Well, it arrived on the 4th (a few days ago). I had never been so excited about getting a camera before, I guess it was time for the progression. Unpacking it, I found the camera, a USB lead, a plug (that fits onto the lead), battery and a (I am guessing) TV out cable. Oh there is also a hand strap too. Obviously with a intro pack containing a software cd, manual, quick guide etc...

At first glance I thought the camera was much smaller than expected. On the website it did look like it was going to be quite cumbersome, but in fact it is pretty slinky. It feels solid, full metal body and even the buttons have a solid feel to them, not squeaky or clunky at all. After adding the hand stap, inserting the battery and a memory card, I decided to try it out.

The top is where it all begins, there is a dial for mode selection, a power button and shutter button plus the flash. On powering up, I was greeted by a language and Date/time screen. After stroking the buttons on the right hand side, I found they highlighted areas, when I wanted to select an option, the buttons are clickable. I have seen this menu structure before on other user deviced. My DVD recorder has a similar menu too. With owning a Samsung HDTV, a Samsung Omnia mobile phone and a Samsung laptop, they also have some similar settings.

After only a couple of mins, I was taking my first pictures. Obviously on Auto but still, for a snapper and not a pro photographer, the camera is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. I love the "Smart touch" and when I look at all the other digital cameras that all look the same on the outside and the menu system is all pretty uniform, I just feel this is so right.

I have had my camera now for 5 days and in that time I have gone through lots of emotions. Excited when it arrived, pleased when I walked past a fun fair that is on for the next couple of weeks. I love the fair and wanted to take some night time shots. Angry when I got to the fair at night and auto let me down. Nervous about playing with settings to get shots of lights at night (got up at 5am to photogragh the gas ring) so I can revisit the fair. Happy when I set up the Christmas tree lights in our bedroom just so I could practice.

I am now on a mission to learn about getting the right photo. I know it isn't about what everyone else thinks, it is if I like it that counts. It would be stupid if we all liked the same stuff, Flickr would be full of pictures of flowers and cars... Oh it is lol.

I have uploaded some of my new images along with some taken with camera phones. Check the link below and follow my progress (or not) and please feel free to give feedback. I am learning so the best way to stop doing thing wrong is to be told how to do it right!

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